The Salad Spice Co Alternative To Salad Dressing 10 Packets Each

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You love eating salad but don't always love the dressing - full of calories and fat.  This is a healthy alternative to salad dressing.  Each packet contains the right amount for your salad, and it's easy to take with you.

This food condiment works like this - rinse or wet your salad, drain.  Add Salad Spice and any other ingredients or toppings and mix.  Voila!  You have a delicious salad without the extra calories and salt.  The moisture from the salad rinse keeps it sticking to you leaves of lettuce.  It's also low calorie - from 5-30 calories per packet versus 60-100 calories for liquid dressing.  And I love to add a splash of vinegar to give it a tangy taste.

Carry this along with you wherever you go - to the gym, out to lunch, in the car, you name it.  Travels and fits in a lunch box or keep it in your car for those unexpected moments you might need to add flavor but don't want to add calories.  You can add this to other foods too - mix into ground beef or other meats, add to vegetables and enjoy!

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