About Us

Nickanny's Kitchen is a wholly owned product of RenalDietHQ.com.  It provides spices and other products related to Kidney Disease Management.  A bit of trivia - Nickanny's comes from a combination of my children's names.  Nickanny's is a registered trademark owned by our company.

We have developed these food products to be salt free or low sodium, and to contain the information about potassium and phosphorus on the labels for your information when you add them to the foods you cook.  We produce our spices in the USA at an approved FDA licensed facility that ensures your product is safe and healthy for you to consume.

About the owner of Renal Diet HQ:

Mathea Ford, RDN, LD, MBA

Hi there! I am Mathea Ford, RDN, LD, MBA and I have been a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) for more than 25 years. I have experience helping individuals improve/prevent a wide variety of conditions, both chronic and acute. I have a realistic approach to nutrition advice that I hope you find refreshingly helpful and I don’t like to limit choices.

Renal Diet Menu Headquarters is a website that provides specialized information about renal and kidney diets to those people who need more information from a professional.  The website is owned by a registered dietitian nutritionist that works to bring you specialized nutritional information that relates only to the renal diet needs you have.